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£45 for a job

Posted by Ivan Peckham, on
Does it really cost a tradesman £45 to buy a job??
dane forman

dane forman

its a rip off thats what it is.tradesmen getting stung by daft people putting jobs on here,then either changing there mind,or had work done anyway.
Nicola Sumpter

Nicola Sumpter

Yes that is correct, for the kind of jobs that we buy, we pay around £35-£45 plus VAT and as Mostafa has said , we have no issue with this, as the cost is made back if the lead is converted into a job anyway However, it is very frustrating when we buy a lead and the client either doesn't answer the phone at all, despite prompt contact and several calles/texts/emails/chat messages, as we only ever buy jobs that are still "first to buy" so not as if they already have one or 2 other trades estimating and don't want to bother with any more. The other issue that we are finding more and more recently, is that some home owners have a very unrealistic budget which means there is little to no chance of getting the job anyway. Unfortunately some clients put very basic information on their lead posting , so you don't find out until you actually get to see the job what the full details are. In our opinion it would be a good idea for Rated People to adapt their homeowner posting process to include mandatory questions asking for more information and details of the works involved so that it can be established fairly quickly by an experienced tradesmen, if the job is worth buying or not. Also I think it would help if it was made clearer to home owners that tradesmen do actually have to pay for the leads, as many clients have told us this is something they are not aware of.
Mostafa Tavengar

Mostafa Tavengar

Yup....the jobs we buy average between £40-£60 + VAT! If it's a good job I don't mind, but it's very frustrating when it becomes clear that the person posting the job is not serious about going ahead.
Wayne Parkin

Wayne Parkin

Hi ya , we do have to buy the client details. Prices are set by Rated People and vary from a few pounds upwards. Kind regards W Parkin

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