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Cooker electrics

Posted by Catherine Jones, on
I currently have a freestanding cooker, I am changing this to a built in cooker and hob. Can this still run of the same socket?
Carl Firmstone

Carl Firmstone

Hi Catherine, You can check for yourself if the new unit can be plugged in to a normal 13amp socket outlet. The new oven will have a power rating, usually in kW. 3kW being the maximum you can plug in to a socket outlet. If the power rating is above this, then you will need a new dedicated supply for the oven and should contact an electrician. Assuming that the new hob is gas, this will be able to plug in as the electrical supply will be only for the ignitor and is very low power. However if the hob is also electric, you can use the same process as above to decide if it can be plugged in, or if a dedicated electrical supply is required. Regards Carl Firmstone Stator Electrical Solutions Ltd

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