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Bathroom light fitting

Posted by Janice Milne, on
Bathroom light fitting blows bulb and fuses lights, need a new fitting as it is an older one? Has never done this before only started yesterday, changed the bulb, switched light on and it blew.

Virgil Anuta

dear Janice the most economical way of doing this is to buy a new fitting (bathroom ip rated) and to call an approved electrician to fit it.he will check the wiring as well but the problem is your existing fitting.

Kevin Adams

Janice it sounds like your fitting is not IP rated , in a bathroom you should have IP rated fittings due to condensation , so yes I would advice a new fitting , however your electrician should test the fitting and wiring first and if you decide to replace IP rated fittings are best in bathrooms Good luck Kevin
wayne lewis

wayne lewis

Hi Janice, sounds like you have a short, possibly at the fitting. Probably a loose wire, or, some of the sheathing has come off the cable and is shorting the light. Should take any decent electrician about half an hour to sort. Regards Wayne (

John Kevin Atree

hi Janice sounds like a new light fittind required, it requires to be an IP rated light fitting for rooms of water/ condensation john attree advanced property maintenance
Robert Aitken

Robert Aitken

Janice It sounds like the cables supplying the light fitting ,may well be heat damaged and causing the problem. You need an electrician to have a look see Robert
Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

Hi Janice. Even though it may seem like something is playing up, the most common thing for blowing lamps is age of bulb and coincidence. My advice would be to try a low energy lamp, if you request them from your energy supplier they usually send you a couple for free, if the fluorescent lamp lights come on with no problem then it is more than likely the problem is the lamps that have been put in. If you find that the low energy lamp blows quite quickly, then this could indicate a reduction/surge in voltage and you may have a loose neutral. If it is the latter, please be sure to use a qualified electrictian to check it out for you, like us here at Elmecom Installations. Hope this helps Many Thanks Gareth Jones Elmecom Installations

Les Ward

Hi Janice, the insulation on the wires supplying the light fitting may have perished due to the heat from the lamp over the years since it was installed. This can cause a short circuit that will trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse. If you advertise on this site describing the problem and pricing it at under £100 up to three electricians will contact you and you can choose one to carry out the fault finding and repair.
Nish Maroo

Nish Maroo

Hi Janice, thank you for coming on the forum, here we can only advice you what can be done and how to solve the issue and in you case I think you are looking for an Electrician to help you change the light fitting, may I right? If not, are you asking us as to why your bathroom fitting is blowing the light bulbs? I would request you to get an electrician first in your property to examine the light fitting and the cables behind the fitting are safe and from here someone can help you. Thank you.

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