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Is it easy to change the element in my cooker

Posted by BARRY CORFIELD, on
Dual fuel cooker, the element at the back of the fan oven has blown after about a year. may have to fix it myself.
kevin collis

kevin collis

Hi Barry These are normally quite straight forward Make sure appliance is isolated go back to the board to be certain its off Newer cookers are normally front loading elements just make a mental note of what parts come out and where etc You probaly find after removing outer case that the element has 2 spade terminals pull/push fit Ps these do smell funny once turned on for the first time its just the oil burning off
Ian Brumhead Grant

Ian Brumhead Grant

It depends on the make. Most elements are replaced from inside the oven, though getting at the fixing screws can be difficult.
Robert Wade

Robert Wade

It is a simple job but I would recommend getting an electrician or repair engineer to fit it. No more than 30 min work. You could get the part from espares
Darren Duke

Darren Duke

Hi Barry, I agree with Kevin it's fairly easy to replace the element just make sure the power supply is turned off take a picture first before you take it apart there are only 2 connections and a few screws holding it in place. It will smell the first time you turn it on so let it heat up for around an hour and you will be fine. Elements cost around £30 - £50 depending on the oven. Good Luck. Darren. Red Security.

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