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Wiring for Light fitting in centre of ceiling, no upstairs access

Posted by holly hunter, on
HI I have moved into a house where the owner didnt get the centre light fitting rewired as it was hard to get to due to no upstairs under floorboard access (neighbours flat) How can I get the wiring to have a light fitting in the normal place on the ceiling? Assuming it all has to be done from the room itself. Costs?
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Dear Holly I would suggest to post your job description on main website for electritian if you are not confident how to do it then 3 companies will contact you to obtain no obligation quote. You would receive e mail with a details of those companies and links to their website where you will be able to see their qualification and previous jobs what they have done with customer revious. After that you will choose the right person who is confident to sort your problem out. I hope this will help Best regards Rafal
David West

David West

Hi Holly If you are willing to have some cosmetic work done by some plaster repair work, I would suggest that the only way to get it moved is via the ceiling. this would possibly involve removing part of the ceiling plaster between the joists, moving the light and then reboarding and skimming back over again. Once dry, you can repaint it again. The channel made should only be between joists and should only be around half a days work for the right person(s). Hope this helps Regards Dave. ADW Domestic Electrical
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Holly, Welcome to the site. Best to get an on site survey/quotation done, this is a free service to you and you will get 3 quotes. Simply post your job onto rated people's site. You are not obliged to go with any of the quotes- but ever job that's posted is paid for by the relevant tradesmen.if they contact you that means they are interested in your job. If one of them are awarded the job then great news for you both. Regards Michael
Ian Brumhead Grant

Ian Brumhead Grant

Depending on how the original wiring was done and the position of the original light you may be lucky in that the cables were fed via metal conduit. If this is the case it may be possible to extend from existing point to the original. Alternatively you may have to use surface trunking. In either case it should not cost more than around £100.00. I trust this assists as not seeing the job it is impossible to be totally accurate, thanks, Ian

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