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Issue with main fuse

Posted by alice dowling, on
New shower (fitted about a year ago) keeps blowing mains fuse 30a out
David West

David West

Hi Alice If your shower has a 30 Amp fuse then you must have and older style consumer unit (fusebox). However...if the original shower was about 7-7.5 killoWatts then this would have been adequate at that time. I would also suspect that the shower cable from the fuseboard feeding the shower would only be 6mm cable. But if it was replaced about a year ago by a higher spec shower, say 8.5 killoWatts or higher, It could be that the cable was not changed and should be at least 10mm. Also the fuse size should be higher (at least 40 Amps) and you also need RCD protection. If you have all this, it could be loose connections in the pull-switch or a broken pull-switch. This would cause fuses to blow or trip. If in doubt, get a local electrician to have a look. Log a call on here and get up to 3 quotes.
Russell Baron

Russell Baron

Hi Alice, Do you know what size the shower is? If its bigger than 7.5 kw it will do. A 7.5kw shower will pull 32amps when running If you don't know what size it is get an electrician to have a look at it. There is a reason it blows the fuse,either too powerful for the fuse size or there is a short somewhere.Needs looking at If your in Lancashire fine me on Facebook or you can post the job on the main section of the site with the lowest budget and someone will contact you Thanks Russ

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