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RCD protected unit

Posted by sue ellis, on
I have been told I need to replace my old fuse box which uses fuse wire for a new RCD protected unit. I live in West Yorkshire. What would be a reasonable sum?
Russell Baron

Russell Baron

Hi Sue Davids price is about the going rate.I normally charge £300 for a dual RCD board. Please bear in mind what he says about you could have issues with your current electrical wiring that will not show up until you fit the RCD board. The electrician will then have to investigate the problem. It doesn't always happen but its does now and again so you need to be aware of this Thanks Russ
David West

David West

Hi Sue I also live and work in West Yorkshire and I normally charge between £220 and £320 for a dual RCD system depending on the size of the box. If you have a box with all RCBO's then it could be dearer. It will take an electrician a day to do. This will include all the testing and certification that goes with it as well. Also you will have to take into account that you may need new meter tails and earthing arrangements. This could cost extra depending on the electrician. One thing that you may also consider is that if there are any problems with your current electrical setup, ie...faulty wiring or bad insulation of wiring etc that is not detected by your current consumer unit but will definitely be detected by an RCD unit then these problems will need to be sorted in order for the new consumer unit to work. This will involve some fault-finding and may add to the cost. Hope this helps Regards Dave ADW Domestic Electrical

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