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Garden Annex Electical Connection

Posted by Dave Smith, on
We are having a Garden Annex Built, and require it to be connected from the main House for heating power lights etc, would it be best to have an isolator switch in from the tails to an armoured cable then to a consumer switch located in the Annex or something else..
john cooper

john cooper

Thus all depends on what way you do the works! Also depends on the diversity of each of the circuits you are going to put in I.e what you intend to be in the garden room! You are on the right track of using an isolator switch and a separate consumer unit. Also make sure you go with the regs on size and correct cable type!
Shaune Milburn

Shaune Milburn

You need a registered electrician to come and look and advise you on the best way forward regards Shaune delta electrical
jason mercer

jason mercer

The installation method for your job will depend on loading to the new annex, I would recommend that a reputable electrician works out theocracy method for you. Kind regards

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