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Ring circuit issues

Posted by James Sackett, on
I accidentally screwed into a cable , it tripped the RCD , I inspected the cable and all three wires appear to be OK yet when the RCD is reset there are some sockets in the house that don't work at all , some work enough to make lights show on a digital clock but not enough to turn the tv on and yet others work normally ! Any ideas would be great ?


When a screw is removed form a cable the insulation (which is pushed back) covers/springs back (Correction - the 'sheath' outer not 'insulation' inner) and hides the internal damage. Live/line is connecting to earth somehow (by being damaged) and tripping the RCD. Ben's Correct. It is dangerous & that's why your sensitive RCD is not behaving. If in doubt call us out. Mark - Fuse Electrical Services
Ben Burdass

Ben Burdass

James, Any damage to the insulation or cable is very dangerous. The damaged part needs to be replaced unfortunately. The battery of tests to certify a ring main will confirm everything is working. Sorry there isn't better news! Ben

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