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Cooker hood bulb keeps blowing

Posted by pauline taylor, on
It's a Hygena APP2180 cooker extractor hood. I've only ust moved in and realised the hood lights didn't come on. Took out the old one and bought the same bulb. When I put a bulb (it needs 2) it just blew and didn't work


Sounds like you are mega unlucky with the replacement bulb, or you are experiencing a dead short. Likely grease or a burn/melting of the lighting cables. Check with another Bulb first. Then... Get it PAT tested by a qualified electrician. And prepare to replace if necessary... Good luck. Mark - Fuse Electrical Services
Ben Burdass

Ben Burdass

Pauline, How annoying! Make sure the bulb contacts are clean as they can get greasy in a cooker hood. Use a screwdriver to lightly scratch them ENSURE IT IS ISOLATED FIRST! I expect however it was simply a bad replacement bulb.

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