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Do I need an electrician to change plastic sockets to chrome?

Posted by K Berry, on
I have 3 double sockets & 2 light switches that are white plastic. I want to change them to chrome. Is this something that needs to be done by an electrician or can I do it myself?
Tom Quirk

Tom Quirk

Hi The cost for changing a couple of sockets and a couple of light switches is only about £60 I would say get the electrician and avoid many risks, not least voiding your home insurance
Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans

I would advise an electrician, but then I would wouldn't I? A tip if you do it yourself, sockets are straightforward, all lives together, all neutrals together and earths the same. Make sure the socket earths to the box in the wall. All new metal sockets do this I the fixing screws, older ones need a link earth cable fitting. Lights are a different matter, you may have a few circuits amd low within a switch and you need to know what type of switch it is before you buy a replacement. Isolate the circuit by t using off the breaker then remove the screws and look a what you have in the switch. Take a photo with your phone so you know exactly how it is connected! If it all seems to complicated then call a sparky, they won't charge much to swap a light switch.

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