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How do i buy more sms text alerts ?

Posted by David knight, on
There is nowhere explaining on the website how to purchase more sms alerts. There is one piece advice on this blog but none of it I can find, such as an "orange button" on right hand corner or "edit alert contact preferences"....why is there not a clear button to purchase more sms leads on the home page. Has the web design changed ? I've been able to do this before ?
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi David, We no longer offer the option to receive job leads by text. Many of our tradespeople found SMS alerts couldn’t provide all the information about a job lead that they were looking for, with a large majority switching over and using our Trades app. For these reasons we’ve been focused on developing other ways for you to find job leads. When you use our Trades app to look at a job lead, you can see more information about that job than you can in a text. Because of that, it’s easier to decide whether a job lead is right for you. Buying job leads this way also means you can keep on finding work using your phone, rather than needing to be at a desktop computer or carry around a laptop. If you need further assistance on this, feel free to email support(at) and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Josh Ask an expert team

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