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Water in sockets

Posted by Owen Shackman, on
We recently had a ground floor extension built and my wife managed to spill some water in the new sockets. It made a small 'pop' noise before i had a chance to switch them off at the fuse box. Weirdly, the fuse marked 'sockets' switched off the sockets but also meant that the lights in the extension were switched off but work everywhere else in the flat. Is this normal? Thanks


I had a similar situation a week ago. We were doing some plastering and some water went into the sockets and we heard a pop. This automatically trips the relevant switch at the consumer unit. As the electrics are on different circuits, then anything else on that circuit will not work. Once the water has dried out then you should find that the electrics will come back on. if you know the electrician, call him and see what was wired to what circuit
Ondrej Luknar

Ondrej Luknar

Hello Owen, Standard is that the lighting circuit should be separate from the sockets circuit. Does mean the lighting circuit should have an own circuit breaker. However, is permitted by regulation to get the power supply for lights from existing sockets circuit by fuse connection unit (FCU). 5A fuse inside. Does mean the circuit breaker of sockets circuit overdrive the FCU. When are socket OFF then the lights are OFF as well.

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