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Trouble with Tumble Dryer

Posted by Nikki Williams, on
Is there a tradesperson out there that can help fix a tumble dryer? There is no reference to anyone that can in the drop down lists for setting up a job request. Can anyone help, please?
Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

Hi As Above unfortunately Rated people don't have a section for domestic appliance repairs, if you post the job under electrician - lighting and power internal, or handyman - general maintenance hopefully an appliance engineer in your area will pick the job up (I'm based near Newcastle if I can be of any further assistance?) Thanks Craig
Nicholas Burns

Nicholas Burns

Hi there You need an appliance engineer for this type of repair. A general electrician would tend not to take this on as it requires experience in electronics, which is a totally different trade. If they don't have an option for this on rated people then you can try your luck by putting it under any of the electrical options, we can see the description along with job title anyway so if someone can do it they will get in touch. Otherwise a good search for appliance engineers in your area should work a treat. Hope this helps you in your search for the right tradesman.

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