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Posted by L McCarthy, on
One of my bedroom power sockets was 'buzzing' a while back, even when not in use - so i stopped using it completely since because there is obviously some problem with it...forgot all about it because it hasn't made any buzzing noise since. However, i am now looking to get the wall that socket is on re-plastered/decorated soon, My query/worry is that there is a underlying problem with the Electrics i should sort out first (a Tradesman once told me years ago, that there was a 'Live wire' in the wall (he was installing a phone-line/internet at the time and whilst doing something to the wall he fused the electrics and told me that there was a Live-Wire in the wall). I would be grateful for expert opinions on this situation. Thankyou.
Adam Raye

Adam Raye

Hello, I would recommend getting an EICR (electrical installation condition report) done on your property, typically costs £100-£150
Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans

Firstly I would get an electrician in to remove and check the socket, it may be simply a loose connection in the back. I would certainly then consider an EICR, especially as you mention the issue with previous work 'fusing' the power. Bear in mind that wallas are full of live wires, this is only a problem when someone drills or damages the cable!

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