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Wall Mounted TV

Posted by Elizabeth Swan, on
How should the wiring of a wall mounted TV appear when the job is complete. Also is plastic electrically trunking heat resistant?
Ivan Darakev

Ivan Darakev

Hi Ideally all cables needs to be installed behind the TVs As well as power point or fused spur. If your cables are hanging down from the TV There is few options to get them hidden 1. chase a channel in the wall and install cables then plaster / make good 2. If it's plasterboard wall all cables can be ran behind 3. Panelling to cover cables joinery is involved Hope that helps
Ben Curry

Ben Curry

Thanks for sending the pics on Facebook. I suggest posting a new job asking for an electrician and making it clear that you want the socket behind the tv. You should be able to find someone so sort this out for you.
Ben Curry

Ben Curry

I just did this at my house. You can see an example on my Facebook page. Plastic trunking is not heat resistant.

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