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Posted by Michael Kestin, on
Fuse box needs changing around to incorporate the shower that currently does not have any protection!
Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

£250 Do you actually test? £500 all day long unless you are working for less than £100 a day
Chris Fox

Chris Fox

You could have a small two way fuse board fitted at the side just for your shower and bathroom light if you didn't want to have a new one for the rest of your electrics
Dalton Thompson

Dalton Thompson

Hi Michael, If you’d like to find a tradesperson on, you can post a job for free, up to 3 tradespeople will be in touch to provide a quote. Don’t forget to review previous ratings and the profile sites of interested companies. I hope it all goes well. Thanks, Josh Ask an expert team
John Thomson

John Thomson

You could have an individual Rcd for shower only but if you want your complete house protected you would need to replace existing consumer unit with 17th Edition consumer unit Average cost for supply and installation of 17th Edition 10-way consumer unit £250

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