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My electrician is asking £200 + material + 3 fire alarms

Posted by Sebastian Ovide, on
A 3 bed house, not a rental property. The electrician said that without 3 fire alarms (kitchen, entrance and upstairs landing), the council will not pass the electrical conditional certificate. Is that possible ? right price ? cannot battery powered fire alarms be used ? Thanks
David Wilson

David Wilson

There is no obligation for a private house owner to install heat/ smoke detectors entirely their own choice The council has no input to an electrical condition report it is purely what it says it is An Electrical Condition Report and nowhere in BS7671 does it state that smoke alarms need to be installed other than when the house has been Rewired or under gone other major renovations Your insurance company may offer reduced premiums if they are installed Regards David
Shareef Aminpour

Shareef Aminpour

Hi if the consumer unit has been change or a rewire has taken place or extension built then you will need hard wired smoke and heat alarms.

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