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Plugs in the shed

Posted by Neil Wickstead, on
Hi I was looking into how much it would cost to put outside power into my Shed for my freezer, and also when I am using electrical stuff to do my garden. Thanks
Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans

Morning, Most of the heavy work you can do yourself, like digging a trench for the cable or running it along a fence if tat is safe. You will need SWA (armoured) cable and this will have to connected to a new MCB in your consumer unit or fuse box. Then a small Consumer unit in the shed for power and lighting circuits. You need an electrician to do all the connections and testing but a lot of the time consuming cable clipping you could do yourself to save money.
Chris Morris

Chris Morris

Hi Neil It does depend on the distance from your nearest power and the type of route I'd say around the £100 to £150 mark.

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