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Electric circuit switch for downstairs lights

Posted by Beverley Easley, on
My downstairs lights wouldn't work i tried pushing back the switch on the electric box but it wouldn't stay on. i took all blubs out tried again but this didn't solve problem. This morning before i telephoned for electrician i tried turning on the flip switch for downstairs lighting it let me.So my question is it let me today but not last night why?
Ivan Darakev

Ivan Darakev

Hi I think this is caused by overheating of connectors or cables I’m available to check this out for you Thanks
Tom Quirk

Tom Quirk

Hi emily If the mcb is tripping it is more than likely a short circuit, probably caused by a light fitting going faulty when a light blew, advise you to post an add in rated people, give yourself a budget of £200 an electrician will come out find the fault and fix for you

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