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Lights upstairs in house going on and off and flickering.

Posted by Sheila Newton, on
After an extractor fan was fitted in my bathroom I found my landing/bathroom lights were going on and off and flickering. I got one of Rated People to come along who, after I explained the problem by text, told me it would cost £150. He also changed a fuse in a lamp that wasn't working. I've now been told by a builder doing plastering in my bathroom that just a screw needed tightening. Can I make a complaint against him to Rated People please as that seems to be rather exorbitant? Thank you!
Adam Haddad

Adam Haddad

Hi Sheila, I am a fully qualified electrician and I can only apologise for what has happened, I understand that you must be very upset in thinking you have been taken advantage of, have you spoken with the electrician to see if you can resolve the issue, also, I cannot comment on the work that was done but, a plasterer isn’t an electrician and shouldn’t really be commenting on what work was carried out unless he was there. Different electricians have different rates. If the work was only tightening a screw, it may have taken him a while to find the fault and also, you pay for their experience. He may have been very fast and experienced, some people take hours to find basic faults and experienced electricians can take minutes. Electricians should be paid for their experience and professionalism. I am sorry you feel let down by a fellow electrician and I hope my reply has cleared up a few issues your had.

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