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Renewing ceiling pendant cable

Posted by Richard Hammond, on
Hi, my son has bought first house, previous owners heavy smokers with result that the 4 inches or so of 2 core cable from ceiling roses in lounge, hall, bedroom is nicotine stained brown and approx 30 yrs old. Have done this many times before myself in previous houses so know it's a simple job of replacing 2 core round cable. Is it legal for me to do it these days with changes in regulations? Bathroom and toilet pull cords need replacing too. Sons house in Dumfries so Scottish regs any different from England's? Thanks for any help, just means I can help him so he can start redecorating! Richard
Tom Quirk

Tom Quirk

Hi Richard to change the flex is fine This will not contravene any regs currently in place, I have a different opinion to Stephen, the regs are there to protect you as an end user and should always be followed, if a job requires certification, and most of them do whether it be minor works or full eicr always follow them, if not it will impact your home insurance and a fire caused by electrical fault with no certification could mean your claim is denied
Stephen Evans

Stephen Evans

Just be sensible and make a note of the connections before replacing. If you have done it before then you should be fine. Some of the new regs are a bit on the harsh side anyway.

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