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Bathroom light fittings - Halogen bulbs without coverglass

Posted by Deepal Patel, on
My bathroom ceiling lights currently use Halogen MR16 bulbs without any cover glass. The fittings themselves have a magnetic over that then fits over the bulb. I'm struggling to get replacements for these, and I cant fit any other "normal" MR16 bulb with glass cover, as the magnetic fitting then does not seat properly and falls off. I have also tried some lo-profile LED bulbs, which just about fit, but these start to flicker and fail after a day or two... any ideas?
Jim Hill

Jim Hill

Mr16 lights aren’t the easiest to put LED bulbs in. The lights almost certainly have a transformer to give them the extra low voltage power that they need and these transformers are designed for halogen bulbs rather than being specific LED drivers so this could be the problem. Also, the bulb holders themselves can fail but these only cost a little to replace. If I had to put money on it I would go for the transformer being the advice would be to change the light fitting for a good quality sealed LED fitting, IP65 rated, such as the enlite E5 or the E8.

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