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How much electrician charge to install electric socket & ceiling light

Posted by Zeeshan Munawar, on
I am confused how much a electrician charge to install double socket and install per ceiling light. I ask different electricians and their quotes are way higher. £120 per electric socket and £40 per ceiling light. Please guide me. I need someone to install things per hour? Is it right thinking to save few pounds...
Tom Quirk

Tom Quirk

Hi Ansa James is correct an electrician would need to view the job to price correctly No respectable electrician would give a price over the phone, with any job there are always variables which could affect the price, beware any electrician that gives you a price over the phone
James Reeder-Smith

James Reeder-Smith

There are too many variables to answer this online, it depends on how far they need to run cables, are they being inset or surface mounted, are existing cables and connections up to scrath or is other remidial work needed,

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