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What dimmable switch is needed??

Posted by James Lillywhite, on
I have purchased a 9 led light for my front room which has been hardwired in. I have now bought two different dimmable switches for the wall and neither work. With the first one the light would just flicker and with the second it just trips the electrics out!
Bernard Cowan

Bernard Cowan

Hi James, this is a rather ‘grey area’ with relation to dimming of leds. Firstly, you need to know if the light fitting or leds is/are dimmable. If there not listed as dimmable, no dimmer will work. If they are listed as dimmable then a trailing edge led dimmer is required. Varilight Pro dimmer is a good brand.
Lindsay Money

Lindsay Money

Hi, Is the light you have installed dimmable? Sounds like it isn’t if the lights flickered when you tried to dim it!

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