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Faulty cooker or faulty electrics??

Posted by Abigail Casson, on
I moved into my house in July 2013, the cooker was a built in single oven i think the make was (CATA) from B&Q, every thing was fine for about 12 months then the cooker kept tripping the electric. I had the element replaced by a qualified appliance engineer and again every thing was fine for the next 12 months until it began tripping the electric again. I put this down to a faulty cooker as i didn't know how long it had been installed. After living without a cooker for a few months I bought a new one (Whirlpool) in October 2016. The cooker has been brilliant until a few weeks ago when it became unusable as it tripped all the electrics. Seeking professional advice i was advised to move my fuse box which was located in the cellar possibly causing the rcd's to become extra sensitive due to dampness. The fuse box has now been relocated but i am still unable to use my cooker, is this just a coincidence surely a cooker should last more than three years, any ideas please!
Mark Huckstepp

Mark Huckstepp

Hi there if it was a fault with the circuit, you would have still had the same issue as soon as you bought your new cooker, I’m afraid to say it’s probably the element again as this is often the cause.

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