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Dishwasher not working

Posted by Gillian Smith, on
Dishwasher when turned on is tripping the mains electricity in the house. At the end of its last cycle the base was still half full of water. I had to take the water out by hand. Since then when turned on it trips the mains. Not sure if there’s such a thing as an appliance specialist or if it’s a plumber or electrician specifically I need? Or if it’s time for a new dish dishwasher
Stephen McGourty

Stephen McGourty

Hi Gillian, Without being there to have a look I cannot say with certainty what the problem is But yes, It could be the appliance itself But it could also be the socket, this you could visually check yourself, you need to check for water. Being in the kitchen and its your dishwasher it could be leaking, in turn water could be in the socket causing the installation to trip. You may want to hire an electrician to have a look inside the plug for water if you can't see any evidence of said water. You can also plug another appliance into the socket, if it still trips you know that the dishwasher is not to fault I hope this helps Steve

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