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Electrical wiring in under stairs toilet

Posted by Zinzi Wilkinson, on
Electricians have commented before that this toilet is a "death trap" due to the wiring and it being so close to the plumbing work that we have been made the toilet out of bounds for the family. Is it possible to move the wiring? Perhaps create a wall in the toilet and move the fuse box, wiring and meter to under the stairs if we create a cupboad? How can we make it safe and aesthetically pleasing too. I've looked online and apparently we need a specifically qualified electrician?
Tomasz Piwowarczyk

Tomasz Piwowarczyk

Hello, Bathroom is a special location so any work done in particular area need to be done by qualified electrician unless it is just a toilet (everything depends on particular circumstances). The best is to seek advice of one of the qualified electrician who is registered in one of the part P certification schemes NIEIC, ELECSA or NAPIT. Hope it helps. Regards Tom

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