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Flooring installation

Posted by helen shonubi, on
Is quickstep d best laminate 2 buy?Also timbermate excel flooring underlay?Should we use white beading or quickstep same colour flooring?
Simon Gee

Simon Gee

Quickstep is one of the best if not the best,quickstep do an underlay for all sub floor types but timbermate excel silver or gold is an excellent underlay. As far as beading goes it's down to personal preference quickstep do a beading to match every shade in their ranges, my personal preference is not to use white beading unless requested by customer and the flooring is white also. I hope this helps
Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams

Hello Helen. Quick step is one of the leading brands, There's Pergo, Eigger, Other brands have caught up and it depends what your using the product for. A lot of products still have ratings such as ac1 to ac5. Ac 5 is considered to be the best. Other brands give 10 years to lifetime warranties. The only way to protect warranties is to follow the manufactures guildlines for underlay. Quickstep have a range of underlays, but timbermate excell is mainly used by floor fitters. The beading is your choice. The problem is is that it is mainly MDF constructed and will deteriorate . I always advise customers to have new skirting or if possible take of old skirting and refit over new floor hope this is of use

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