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Creaky floorboards

Posted by Elaine Doran, on
We have a new build (8 years old) house where the floorboards on the landing and in bed 3 are ridiculously creaky. They are big sheets of some kind of wood (don't have a clue about these things) not traditional floorboards. Wanting a price to fix the creaking. I don't know if it's a case of pinning existing ones down or if they need replacing. I also do t know what kind of tradesman I'm looking for.
Brett Evans

Brett Evans

new houses tend to use a TGI or similar joist which tends to flex/bounce more under weight. If you can see the ceiling underneath the floor in question move when someone walks into the room this will be the problem. Its not easy to remedy but I've known people to remove carpets screw all the floorboards down tight ti form a more solid structure and test again. Failing this you made need to counter batten over it and re-board using tongue and groove floor boards screwed and glued, they are probably the same type you already have.
Sebastian Williams

Sebastian Williams

Hi Elaine, creaking floor boards can usually be fixed by screwing them down. Try a 2"10 (50mm x 5 ) wood screw. They're about £3 a box in screwfix. Wherever there is a nail put a screw in line or next to it. The creak is caused by the floor board rubbing along the nail that holds it down.
Dean Richards

Dean Richards

Hi they are probably broken and need a section cut out and some reinforcement fitted and a replacement section of floor fitted. Quite a straightforward repair for a decent handyman or carpenter.

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