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Transition two hardwood floors

Posted by Michelle Rawlinson, on
Hello I have two different hardwood floors one is laminate the other is I'm assuming like the hardwood blocks the just fit together. So my question is is there a way to transition from one floor to the other without having to have an above space or can it just be a smooth transition? If possible how do you make that transition as one floor is about an eighth of an inch shorter than the other? Thank you Michelle
craig hollingworth

craig hollingworth

Hi Michelle , This is a common problem when you have two floors meeting that are at different heights , there are some transition strips out there that go from one floor to another , but generally its from either tile or wood to carpet and the rebates don't always match the transition, what we generally do is obtain a piece of wood that resembles both floors and we custom make the transition strip the fit both floor profiles , its a bit of a pain but worth it in the long run Hope this helps Regards Craig

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