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Laminate on stairs - what to do with a tiny gap?

Posted by Alison Anderson, on
I've just started putting laminate flooring on my stairs. I got the riser in place for the first step and started on the tread. I figured out where the stairnose piece needs to sit, measured that, and then used the width of the laminate pieces to see how far a single board would go and what would be left over. It only left me with a gap of 3/4" to fill. I could take a board of laminate and rip it lengthwise to fit that space - and that's what I expected to have to do - but now that I know it's such a tiny space, I hate to waste a whole board to fill that last 3/4" of an inch. I wouldn't mind if I could cut a bunch of those filler pieces out of a single piece of laminate, but of course, then I won't have the interlocking edges on most of those strips. What other options are there, besides wasting a whole piece of laminate flooring to utilize only a 3/4 inch strip of one side?
Ricky Tutton

Ricky Tutton

Use the of cut for the next riser or even the tread and as u move down the waste will get less
robert hearson

robert hearson

hi how about from one board take 3/4 inch off each side then use togue on one side then turn next board round use groove on other you will then get twice as much from one board

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