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Quick step flooring

Posted by Debbie Cauley, on
Is quick step vinyl flooring meant to be laid staggered, in a brick like way or running seam to seam? Mine was laid seam to seam and a few tiles have become loose. I had a flooring person out to look and they said the floor had been laid wrong and it should have been staggered. It is only a few tils around the kitchen units that are loose the one laid wall to wall are fine, so I am wondering if there is some kind of clip that could go under the kick boards of the units to keep the tiles in place? I don't want to have to have the whole floor relayed but its essential I get these gaps sorted as they are in front of the sink and the underlay is going to get damp.
marc savill

marc savill

Hi. You don't have to see the floor to know that it has been later wrong. The finish to the floor should be totally random with the head joints well apart from the next row. I leave the minimum of 6 inches. The good news is that your floor should be repairable if you have a few spares. I take it that the floor is a click system so if careful, the floor should be able to be uplifted in rows so that It can be sorted. Spending a small amount of money now could save you a lot soon and you will have a much better looking floor which is what you wanted. Don't get the same person back to fit it though. Enter job on site and you will get someone decent to sort it. Good luck
Andrew Spence

Andrew Spence

Joints should be staggered to stop this happening unless the floor was to be glued down ( quickstep designed to be floating floor) The only thing you could try is to glue down the affected area using a pressure activated flooring adhesive

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