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Flooring disaster

Posted by Julie Farrell, on
Help! I have Armstrong linoleum tiles in my kitchen. I recently purchased an area rug to go in front of a south facing window. I picked it up to mop and found this huge stain under the rug. It wont come off. I've tried cleaners, bleach, dishwashing soap, fingernail polish remover and nothing works. Nothing spilled, it's like the dye from the rug bled through. Any advice? Is my floor ruined? I will be glad to email a pic if it will help.
Brian Harrison

Brian Harrison

I'm not 100% sure but I think if you completely do away with the rug you may find that it will go back to the original colour, something similar happened to me years ago when I was fitting linoleum (sheet not tile) and after laying out overnight to acclimatise to room temp part of the Lino was overlapped causing the same issue, yes you panic, but it disappeared

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