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Conservatory underfloor heating

Posted by Mithul Mistry, on
I have moved into a house where I was told the conservatory has underfloor heating. It has a thermostat and grundfos pump and was told it works by just turning the power switch on at the wall. I dont really know much about this, is it a wet system? Is it connected to my central heating? I turn the switch on and can hear the pump but it doesnt seem to generate any heat, any help would be appreciated.
Peter Howell

Peter Howell

You have a wet system UFH if the boiler is on and the thermostat is calling for heat and the pump is on for the UHF then it should work it isn’t instant heat though so if the system has been off for some time it will take a while for it to warm up if you are still experiencing problems call in a heating engineer to have a look at it for you

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