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To extend my garden I need s'one to remove a fence, a hedge, some smal

Posted by Regine Oldfield, on
To extend my garden I need s'one to remove a fence, a hedge, some small trees, a garage, old tarmac and install a new fence. Landscape architect or builder?
Bozena Lewandowska

Bozena Lewandowska

Hello, in my opinion you will need good gardener working with the builders team. It is first step. The second step - after demolition - is gardening/landscaping. If you know your expectations for the final design - let him know. Good gardener should be to deal with this issue. Hope it can help Bozena
Craig Young

Craig Young

Hi Regine, A landscape gardener is who you're after (best just to use one tradesman to do the lot). We do this type of work all the time. A builder may be able to do the work but probably wouldn't have the specialist knowledge to provide you with the best results. I hope it all works out well for you. Cheers, Craig
Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle

a gardener will be able to do it all for you if you are in the manchester area let me know and i will give you a free quote

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