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Flooding garden

Posted by Clare Hemmings , on
Our garden always floods in the heavy rain. It appears to sit lower than the neighbours slightly so probably part of the problem. What can we do if anything? The house is only rented so we don't want to spend alot
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Hi Claire Everyone has knowledge to respond to a question but every trade person can do a job in different way. We always recomend to post a job on main website because some of a job needs to be seen bedore any advice is given. Our service is free of charge with no obligation quote and our tradesmans are happy to help with every aspects of jobs. I would strongly recomend to post a job on Rated People home page then 3 companies will get in touch then you would be able to choose the right person as you would receive an e mail with a link to tradesman account where you would see a pictures and you will read revious from previous customers. I hope this will help Best regards Rafal
philip desmond

philip desmond

Hello Clare, With the neighbours garden being higher than yours are you suspecting that the water is draining in to yours from higher up? This maybe the case or your ground is compacted, so the water falling as rain in your garden cannot drain away quickly. Depending on the situation there could be a high water table problem which rises after rain then lowers later on. You could dig a couple of inspection holes one near the neighbours and one further into your garden to compare how they drain plus see what the soil is like. If the problem is from the higher ground then you could dig a 'French drain' along the property boundary. This is a trench spade width, by18" deep. Line with membrane fill gravel, fold membrane over top and replace soil and turf. More intricate would flow into a soakaway, but this can get expensive and the property is rented. If the soil is compacted one step could be to get a garden fork and just spike the area (if practical) this will just break up the top few inches. Regards, Phil
Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker

Hello Claire, Advertise you job on this site and you will receive 3 quotes. You are no obliged to go with any or them but you need to understand that the trades men that call you will have payed a fee to be introduced to you,the fee is regulated to the value that you put on this work, it's best to keep your budget low for a good response. Regards Michael
Carl Fellows

Carl Fellows

Hi there, you probably need to do a drainage for the water. the best would be taking all the turf up, look at the ground. if its Clay like ground you will need to take most of it out about 200 mm and dig 500mm deep holes scattered around, fill them with gravel, then 50mm of land fill sand and then gravel again, a bit of stone then 60mm of top soil then turf it that's the best way. Regards Carl call me if you would like a quote.

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