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How can I improve drainage in my garden?

Posted by paul johnston, on
Every year we have standing water and the whole lawn is like a bog. We have clay soil.
Mark Leverton

Mark Leverton

Hi Paul Sounds like you need to put some land drainage in . These are trenches that are lined with membrane . You then lay perforated pipe surrounded with shingle into them. The pipe is connected to either existing storm water drainage or a soak away . Soak aways in clay are tricky as they need to go deep enough to hit some free draining ground. You would also have to either dig out the top layer of your current lawn and replace with some free draining soil ( add some sharp sand to the topsoil will help) if your not governed by any levels then consider just raising your lawn level slightly .
Derek Austin

Derek Austin

Can't add much more in than already said, however You might want to consider what end result (apart from free drainage) is required, e.g. Do you want just a lawn or a sizeable hard landscaped area which would be well drained if prepared well and could have a slight slope 1-60 leading to drains at one edge. Any lawned area would as already been said need renewing with New topsoil plus sharp Sand under.
Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Hi Paul We always recomend to post a job on main website because some of a job needs to be seen before any advice is given. Our service is free of charge with no obligation quote and our tradesmans are happy to help with every aspects of jobs. I would strongly recomend to post a job on Rated People home page then 3 companies will get in touch then you would be able to choose the right person as you would receive an e mail with a link to tradesman account where you would see a pictures and you will read revious from previous customers. I hope this will help Best regards Rafal

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