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Farm muck

Posted by bill pin, on
I have some farm muck from last year but when i dug in to it it was full of magetts is it all right to use with pots
Mark Leverton

Mark Leverton

Hi Bill Maggots aren't really a problem until they turn into flies. As long as your pots are outdoors it shouldn't be an issue. Hope this helps Mark Surrey Hills Landscaping
philip desmond

philip desmond

Hello Bill, If you can riddle the maggots out or take some and spread it about for the birds to peck into. The problem with farm manure is not knowing how strong it is plus amount of/what weed seed in it. Also it might impede drainage of the pots, use a little into the mix to be safe. Depends on the size of pot and what you are growing in them. Regards, Phil

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