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Caring for Devils Ivy

Posted by Graham Goggs, on
Have just bought a devils ivy house plant. Being a total novice, can someone advise how often I should water it, and the exact measurement of water I should give it each time?
philip desmond

philip desmond

Hello Steve, Your question can not be answered so simply. Much depends on the location of the plant ie; sunny window sill, dark corner, how hot the room is. A sunny window will need more water than dark corner. Also size of plant and pot size. Scindapsis will grow in a dark corner or bright location. As a guide, allow the compost to dry slightly between watering, do not allow the plant to sit too long in water as roots will rot, and mist the air/leaves regularly. The leaves will wilt if under watered, but beware they will wilt if over watered but feel soft and brown off at their base. The plant may go through a short period of adapting to the new location so may drop some leaves, do not worry, just give it time and do not over water at this stage. Regards, Phil

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