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Lawns and dogs?

Posted by Judith Lee, on
Do dogs and lawns mix? I have a lovely house trained male staffie and I love my garden and would love to have a nice lawn. is this possible?
Craig Young

Craig Young

Hello Judith, The biggest problem you'll face is your dog weeing on the lawn, it'll leave dead brown patches with darker green borders. There are a few ways of dealing with this - train your dog not to wee on the lawn, use special additives in your dogs food so that his wee doesn't kill the grass (not sure if this works but there are products out there for this purpose), replace your grass with artificial grass (not as nice as the real stuff but you also don't have to cut it every week!). I hope this helps, Craig Spruce Garden Services Edinburgh & Lothians
philip desmond

philip desmond

Hello Judith, Make sure you clear up any poo quickly as this will prevent a patchy looking lawn. Also where the dog runs regularly will get compacted, fork this regularly. Regards, Phil

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