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Flooded Garden

Posted by Rebecca Williams, on
We just moved into a new house in Milton Keynes, but we have noticed that the garden does not drain very well, with sections of it that are basically a bog. Completely useless as you just sink into it. What can we do to make our garden useable? Is there ways of fixing the drainage? What can we do?
philip desmond

philip desmond

Hello Rebecca, I agree with what Craig has said about the French drains going into a soak away. If the house is a new build it might be that the soil underneath the top soil has been compacted. This may require double digging to break up the compacted earth. The other option is to consider raised beds, if the other options are not feasable. Also are you at the bottom of a slope? As said before you should get someone to take alook and discuss possibilities. Regards, Phil
Craig Young

Craig Young

Hello Rebecca, The answer to your question is yes, there are ways to improve the drainage in your garden. (unless the water table is for some reason too high in your area) You probably need to install field drains (or also called French drains) to carry the water somewhere it can dissipate back into the ground (normally a soak away). You can also choose plants which love water and will 'drink' a lot of the excess water. You really need to have someone come take a look who knows what they're talking about and provide you with a quotation for doing the work but please bear in mind you could be looking at a fairly large budget to have the work carried out. I hope this helps somewhat. Craig Spruce Garden Services Edinburgh & Lothians

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