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Eleagnis Ebbingii

Posted by chloe lewis, on
We planted a hedge of these, plain dark green, autumn 2011. They grew well enough, but many are now showing leaf discolouration - looking more like variagated. Does it matter? What should I do? Chloe Lewis
philip desmond

philip desmond

Hello Chloe, It is hard to tell from the information given, is there any other signs? poor growth, extreme leaf fall. Just to make sure you have straight E ebbingii and not one of its variegated varieties look on line/ books for pictures to compare. Some variegation does not show until the plant gets older. Otherwise it could be chlorosis, which is an iron deficiency caused by high alkaline soil, plus all the rain may have washed alot of nutrient from the soil causing a deficiency. You can use sesquated iron to correct the chlorosis or liquid seaweed as a general purpose fertiliser. Regards, Phil

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