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Waterlogged garden

Posted by Steve O'sullivan, on
Hi there. I have a small garden at the rare of my house size approx 2 1/2 meters width by 4 1/2 meters lenght. The area is partially shaded during summer but we'll sheltered. I have shrubs around the borders along with some climbers in the back round. My issue is that the grass area is very waterlogged even after efforts of forking holes in the ground and pouring in some sharp sand as drainage. Also the grass does not take very well and becomes very patchy all over. What can I do to cure this issue other than what I was thinking of putting down false grass. Ideally I prefer natural. Thankyou for you help. Steve
Brett Evans

Brett Evans

it sounds like you have a clay type of sub soil which means water doesn't penetrate easily and will tend to stay near the top of the grass causing standing water. Ideally you would want to turn over or remove the soil for confirmation of sub soil, dig down to find a more porous material and re-lay top soil onto this with a weed suppressant. Failing this if the water is in one area only you could put a land drain in this area.

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