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Front garden wall leaning badly - caused by tree roots

Posted by klaus white, on
Not sure whether a landscape gardener or builder is the best person to remedy this. We have some large trees which are slowly pushing the wall out onto Leaning out onto the pavement at the front of our property. It's a small wall - only 3 foot or so but needs replacing/stabilising whilst hopefully retaining the existing trees.
Brett Evans

Brett Evans

hi there Its a builder you need just be careful as the wall may be your boundary and moving it forward may not be an option! Probably best to rebuild up to the problem tree trunks leaving them in the wall aa such. Depending in growth speed of trees it may give you a few extra years before more drastic action is needed. Again be aware that the trees are your responsibility in the eye of local council etc and you may need to ensure they do encroach onto the pavement if a public use is there.

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