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Gas fired central heating

Posted by Bryan Appleby, on
How much to flush central heating system in 3 bed detached house , 9
Vincent McCauley

Vincent McCauley

Hi, I wouldn't recommend a power flush as they don't work properly. The best thing to do is put a powerful system cleanser through the system and fit a magnetic filter at the boiler as the sludge in a heating system is rust due to the if fervent metals involved. I.e. Iron radiators, copper pipes & brass valves. A power flush doesn't in block the rads but a good de-scaler will break down the sludge and the magnetic filter draws it out the system. The filter can be easily emptied and if there would be part of an annual service anyway. The filter also protects the boiler. To do this would be £350.00 including material as it's the best part of a days work to let the de-scaler do it's job. Thanks, Vinny
Graham Moore

Graham Moore

Power flush is your best bet ,if it is done correctly then it will work , but so many people out there don't know how to do it properly , we charge £299 for a house that size and £399 with a filter

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