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Boiler losing pressure after re-pressurising

Posted by Melvin Paiva, on
I recently bled a radiator and noticed immediately that the Boiler was losing pressure. I re-pressurised to 1.5 but within a few hours, pressure was down to 0 and had to be re-pressurised. Any thoughts on what could be causing this.
Ian Allen

Ian Allen

It may be your PRV ( Pressure Relief Valve ) has started to weep. If not that it may be a small leak on pipework. It does not take a great lose of water to drop by 1.5 so may be hard to find. if it is not possible to detect the source then it may be under flooring or in the loft space ( depending on lay out & configuration ). If the source I not readily visible then the best option is to add a system leak sealer via a radiator, this will work it's way round the system coating the inside of the pipework. If the leak is small enough this should solve the problem but can not be guaranteed.

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