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Ancient ferroli boiler

Posted by Rob Sherlock, on
Our boiler which is at least 20 years old stopped working. pilot light going out all the time.called a heating engineer . he thought we needed a new fan assembly which we got .it looked different to the original and the problem stayed .then got a new thermocouple (that looks different too )although they are supposed to be genuine ferroli parts the problem stays .the boiler runs for around 30mins then cuts out and pilot light goes off .we are all stumped .any ideas please ?
Rory Dale

Rory Dale

To be frank, it could be one of a number of things. Considerations are, how is it with water opposed to heating. Is it 30 mins? The model is vital to know so correct advixe be given
Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

Hi, A possible thermistor fault or overheat stat failure could be doing this and this can be tested with a multimeter. Also it could be shutting down on overheat due to a circulation problem pointing to sludge in system or pump fault, with the age of the boiler i would consider NOT throwing too much money at this boiler. This could also be a PCB fault that only accurs after it gets hot (dry joint). Expensive.. i hope this helps.

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