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Boiler cutting out

Posted by Paul Tooth, on
Why does my boiler keep cutting out? I've been assured from a boiler man that the boiler itself is fine. It seems like there is air in the pipes. If I turn the thermostat up high and leave both the hot water and central heating switches turned on on the control panel then I can hear gurgling in the pipes near the boiler. After 5 minutes I am able to press the reset button on the boiler and it fires up. All of the radiators are heating up and have been bled. Could there be an airlock somewhere in the pipes that only affects the boiler, and if so what do I need to have done to correct the problem?
Mike Moulden

Mike Moulden

Is there a separate pump on the system ?? ...does the boiler have a air release valve on the top ?? How long does it take for the boiler to cut out from start up ??

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