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Faulty thermostat?

Posted by Rachel Baird, on
Is it normal for a thermostat to turn the boiler on for a minute or two, then turn it off again only to turn it back on again a few minutes later? We have the heating programmed to always be on as we have a new born baby and are relying on the thermostat to turn it on and off as needed - however coming on and off 4 times in 15 minutes seems excessive to me! Why doesn't it just stay on longer so it doesn't have to come back on again a few minutes later?! We have tried setting the thermostat at different temperatures to see if that makes a difference but it still does the same. We are in a new build house (2013) and so the system and insulation are all relatively new. We have a potterton promax system he plus a range condensing boiler system with a danfoss TP5000 Si range electronic 5/2 day programmable room thermostat and danfoss electronic 2 channel full programmer for heating and hot water. The constant clicking of the thermostat and starting/stopping of the boiler is disturbing us and the baby through the night - is it worth thinking about getting a new thermostat or is this just normal for a system like ours? Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions you can offer ??
David Ashe

David Ashe

Hi Rachel The first thing I would change is the thermostat as it sounds to this is what’s turning your boiler on a off all the time Hope this helps

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